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Involving citizens

In early October, during the well-attended workshop at the VvG-conference, we introduced Parlaeus. The theme of the workshop was ‘involving citizens’. As we told, Parlaeus is the online solution for integral and administrative decision-making. It’s definitely a mouthful and the concept is so new that our visitors had to work hard to get a clear […]

Why Parlaeus?

“What is wrong with you to start working in a completely divided market?” A logical question; and therefore a nice topic to write about for the first blog on the Parlaeus website. To be fair, all Dutch municipalities already have their own solutions for so-called “paperless meetings” or for dealing with certain cases or DM-systems. […]

Let’s get rid of the press section

Thanks to the so-called ‘cucumber time’, the municipality of Noordoostpolder drew the attention of the press. I can imagine how that went in Emmeloord. In my mind, I heard the communication lady say to the mayor: “What a shame, isn’t it? The empty press section.” “Absolutely! What we do is important, isn’t it? Why do […]